In this playlist you will find a sampling of our Intermediate & some of our more Advanced Skills for safe trampolining as part of our PUBLIC library of tutorials for those of you learning to flip. 

We always recommend you have someone with you when you train, preferably a coach or a more experienced athlete.  


These videos should be watched after all of the BEGINNER SKILLS have been viewed and accomplished.

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"Coaching Creatures - Unsolved Circuits" by Greg Roe

This book is the theory behind the FTA coaching strategy. It outlines the biology, physiology and psychology of coaching athletes in the 21st century. It explains why Freestyle Trampoline has become so popular and how the FTA addresses safety concerns, while still providing value to the community. The videos on our website are an extension of the science outlined in this book.


To request a high-resolution pdf copy of Coaching Creatures, please CONTACT US.

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